The History of Kafé Hotel

Kafé Hotel was inaugurated on July 30th, 1958 in downtown Guaratinguetá.

The name of the hotel does not originate from the delicious beverage, but rather on the union of surnames Kalil and lix, founders of the hotel. Take some time and learn a bit of its history:

Kafé Hotel is a family managed business. It started up in downtown Guaratinguetá, thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of the Mr. Bechara Kalil, Libanese, who came to Brazil at age 9 with his parents, settling in the city of Aparecida, and his wife, Mrs. Najla Felix Kalil, Brazilian and pharmacist graduated in the Faculty of Pharmacy of Guaratinguetá in 1923.

Currently, the hotel is managed by the heirs of the founding couple.

The hotel employs 25 employees and offers front-desk service, room-keeping, cleaning, on-site parking, free Wi-Fi, laundry and breakfast served daily to guests.

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