Tourism in Guaratinguetá

Kafé Hotel Guaratinguetá is located in the center of the city, near the best religious attractions in Vale do Paraíba, São Paulo.

Homeland of the first canonized Brazilian saint, Frei Galvão, Guaratinguetá has an extensive touristic collection. Located in Vale do Paraíba, the city lies approximately 176 km from São Paulo city.

Leveraged by the canonization of Frei Galvão, the religious tourism stands out in the city, which displays buildings related to the life of the saint, such as the 1700´s construction where Frei Galvão resided.

Churches, monasteries and chapels dating from the mid 1600s integrate this baroque collection, forming the circuit of faith.

The ecological tourism in the city is also remarkable, thanks to its vast forest situated between two ridges (Serra do Mar and Serra da Mantiqueira). Footpaths, waterfalls, fountains, peaks and mountains offer pleasant hiking trails, in addition to being a space for the practice of extreme sports like rappel, hang-gliding, paragliding, jeep rides, mountain-biking, among others.

The city displays a very beautiful historic ensemble with constructions from the times of the high coffee farming in Brazil. Guaratinguetá train station, city market, old mansions, lavish churches and charming solariums integrate an ample architectonic ensemble in the city.

Santo Antonio´s Church stands out for being one of the oldest constructions in the city. Dating back from 1630, it´s altar is made in local baroque style and rococó mineiro.

The main church of Santo Antonio displays a statue in natural size of Frei Galvão. The schedule of celebrations in the city is quite lively, counting among other events, carnival (very famous in the city), holy week, exhibits and shows.

From the hotel you can easily access:

Right across from the hotel:

  • Santo Antonio´s Main Church;
  • Frei Galvão´s House;
  • Municipal Market of Guaratinguetá;
  • Frei Galvão´s Museum;

Within walking distance:

  • Immaculated Heart of Mary´s House; (350 meters away)
  • Train Station of Guaratinguetá; (700 meters away)

By car or bus:

  • Basilica of Our Lady Aparecida; (5 km)
  • Frei Galvão´s Shrine; (6 km)
  • Buriti Shopping Mall; (2,5 km)
  • Guaratinguetá Textile Company; (2 km)
  • School of Aeronautics Specialists; (5,7 km)
  • Canção Nova in Cachoeira Paulista; (30 km)
  • Cunha; (48 km)
  • Estrada Real.
  • São José dos Campos through BR 116, Rodovia Presidente Dutra; (89 km)
  • Campos do Jordão through BR 393 and 116; (79km)